POETRY – Young Men


Young Men are delicious,

Healthy, virile and strong,

With smooth skin, a firm fleshy arse,

And hair growing where it belongs.

Somewhere between adolescence and a mid-life crisis,

Young Men are out there looking for fun,

Throughout the passage of time the boy still exists,

In the Young Man … who’s another woman’s son.


Young Men are extremely sensitive,

And resent being referred to as boys,

They consider themselves quite mature,

Despite a continuing passion for toys,

As yet uncorrupted by the realities of life,

Hopefully Young Men will learn from their mistakes,

And not become negative or disillusioned,

To run without handicap in the Manhood Stakes.


Young Men don’t make me feel maternal,

They have far too much Testosterone for that,

I sit poised to strike and observe them,

Like mice being stalked by a cat.

Oh yes, they’d make wonderful playmates,

Packages of tireless energy to be undone,

But guilt overwhelms me ..

.. when I have thoughts of sex,

With a woman of my own age’s son.


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