POETRY – Wheels of Time

(For : Nathan Kavasilas on his 18th Birthday [25-06-99])


When I first came off the Assembly Line,


I may not be much to look at now,

But I’ve got a few good times left in me yet,

My duco is scratched and faded,

My upholstery cracked and torn,

My springs are shot … my battery is flat,

And the tread on my tyres is worn,

My muffler needs some putty,

My wheels vibrate when I go around bends,

My head gasket probably needs replacing,

And I’m having trouble with my front end.


Don’t let your eyes deceive you though,

I really was once young and cute,

But the passage of time and the mileage of life,

Have transformed that CORVETTE …

… into an FJ HOLDEN UTE!

My registration plates read; “B I T C H”,

But I’m an honest reliable machine,

A safe, comfortable ride … with plenty of room,

A dandy, work horse …

.. if you know what I mean?


I used to be serviced quite regularly,

And garaged out of the sun,

Only driven to church on Sundays,

But I missed out on most of the fun.

So I’d rather be a Jalopy with character,

And capable of carrying a load,

Than a showroom condition Sports Car,

That you’re frightened to drive on the road.

Think of me when you’re out there …

on the highways of life,

And an FJ Holden Ute passes you by,

Then decide if you’d prefer to be having a good time,

Or just parked somewhere safely waiting to die.


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