POETRY – Trivial Pursuits


Women in the Work Force fulfilling significant roles,

Empowered with the responsibility for making important decisions,

Positions trivialised by Our male counterparts with little recognition,

Expected to be subservient and tolerate gender-based derision.

Wanting to be Someone more than,

Someone else’s Mother, Daughter or Wife,

Needing to be Respected … Earn a living,

Make an impact … Get on with Life.

It doesn’t matter what kind of work a Woman does,

As long as she does her best and does it with Pride,

Assuredly each Woman makes a difference,

Despite the ambivalence of the men at her side.


Just because Women are treated as if We don’t matter,

Not given an audience when We’ve got relevant things to say,

Doesn’t mean that Our input isn’t substantial,

Or that we don’t earn and deserve equal pay.

Acknowledgment would be very welcome,

Maybe that might be too much to ask,

After all … it wasn’t part of the Job Description,

When We accepted Our original tasks.

All Women have reason to be Proud,

Our position in the Work Place is a hard won Right,

And as long as Women persist and do Our work well,

We’ve already won the Battle … if not this particular fight.


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