POETRY – Tribal Medicine


When the Tribes begin to gather,

Whatever be their name,

The humanoid behaviours,

Are basically the same,

Within the Tribe relationships,

And Rules are understood,

Behavioural boundaries are established,

All for the common good,

Everybody has a role to play,

And co-operation is the key,

For eligibility and acceptance,

In their Tribe’s community.


Tribes form for many reasons,

Some similar … but not the same,

Leadership is always an issue,

Regardless of their aim,

Be it family, sex, politics,

Nationality or religion,

Concern over the environment,

Language, crime or ethnic origin,

Most Tribes will stick together,

Even if you think they’re wrong,

Because they have support and reinforcement,

In the Tribe where they belong.


Suspicious of each other’s Tribe,

Because different from their own,

Xenophobia and ignorance blossom,

Where seeds of prejudice are sown,

Soon followed by intolerance,

Distorting into hate,

Forgetting that they’re all human,

And share a common Fate.

It is hard to convince some people,

That they’re not always right,

If Love, Tolerance and Understanding prevail,

There is no good reason for anyone to fight.


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