POETRY – The Resignation of Lady Liberty


                         Oh-h … say can you see?

 The tears of encrusted pollution streaking down my face

While you President Bush … publicly misrepresent my stance?

I stand here as a Sentinel … offering refuge, Liberty, Justice,

And the Hope that Peace will be given a chance.

Not the Worship of phallic power symbols…

The almighty dollar … McDonalds … KFC …STARWARS … Hollywood … Coca Cola

I know not how to overcome this … ambiguity.


All the while … ‘America the Beautiful’ sanctimoniously hold,

Sacrament with barrels of bubbling black gold.

Mr Bush … Juniour … Are you blinded by the lightning

Of your terrible swift sword,

As your version of the truth keeps marching on?

Exacting revenge … with only circumstantial justification,

You appear to have lost sight of where you have come from?


Now that your freedoms are compromised,

Do your brave risk becoming homeless?

You do not ask… “What have we done to perpetrate this outrage?”

Instead hastily issuing threats and propaganda,

Ultimately designed to redistribute ALL of the BLAME,

Until the visual purple of your retinas have become so bleached by Glory,

That the collected Gods of your Nation,

Contemplate turning their backs in shame.

Who then will you call upon to BLESS America?


To interfere in the Politics of other Countries,

Because their ideologies and your own do not agree,

Is a slap in the face of the people who I stand here to greet,

Into this prosperous Land of … Hope and Glory,

Where ‘MICROSOFT’ is a competitive predator … ‘faite accompli’,

It is no small comfort that people die anonymously on your streets.

Where are the Liberty and Justice for ALL?

Offered on behalf of your people … and truly embodied in ME?


President Bush Juniour … I can no longer take this U.S. hypocrisy!

POWER and GREED … simply do not balance …





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