POETRY – The Me In Thee


I’ve been reflecting on the ME that I used to be,

I know that I’ve come a long way …

In this Life’s journey … Overcoming obstacles …

To be the ME that I am today.


In comparison … the ME that I am now …

To the ME that I was … and the ME that I want to be,

Are ALL very different people,

Each an individual … independent and free.


When I look at the ME that is ME in the mirror,

I wonder who the ME is that other people see,

Alas … I’ve arrived at the conclusion:

That I am still not the ME that I really WANT to be!


On the night that WE met .. I met the YOU that I liked …

When there was only YOU and ME,

But I suspect that YOU is the YOU that YOU keep to YOURSELF,

That YOU that YOU let so few other people see.


Now all that YOU have to do .. is to like that YOU too,

As much or more than ME and those around YOU,

Be proud to be YOU .. in whatever it is that YOU may do,

And STOP letting other people’s opinions confound YOU!


I want YOU to be the YOU that YOU want to be,

But I don’t want YOU .. if YOU want to be …

Unhappy or bitching over petty little things,

I’d prefer to have a YOU that is delightful company!


That’s not saying that I don’t want to know YOU when YOU are down,

Although I do prefer laughter .. to .. tears …

Optimism .. to .. pessimism … Blue skies .. to .. grey …

Celebrating conquests .. to .. wallowing in fears.


I don’t want to be seduced then left feeling dirty or guilty,

I don’t care what YOU’ve done with YOUR life before WE met,

I’m not a “shoulder to cry on” or a ‘crutch” for Emotional Cripples,

Or a place to run every time that YOU get upset.


I don’t want to hear about YOUR problems unless they’re going to effect ME,

Write them down and show them to those who are the cause,

If I haven’t caused YOU grief … it’s because it doesn’t “get ME off”,

I’m not the “Complaints Department” … I’d much rather hear applause!



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