POETRY – The Goddess of the Misunderstood

I wrote this poem after watching women interact at an International Women’s Day function, and the realisation hit me, that if women cannot treat each other with equality, empathy, and understanding, then what hope have We to ever share these things with Men. 


If I were to stand naked in front of you,

You’d probably cover your eyes,

Yet … I am the incarnation of a Goddess,

Despite sagging breasts and thunder thighs.

I don’t represent fertility,

Love, passion, evil or hate,

Just an independent, single female,

Over forty and trying to lose weight.


Not feminine enough for my husband,

After helping build HIS home on HIS land,

MY floor plan had no room for HIS modifications,

So things didn’t go exactly as HE’D planned.

HE showed ME the door after a couple of years,

And told me to start again on my own,

So apart from my dogs and some close friends,

I’m basically now all alone.

My outlook is generally pragmatic,

And I’ll admit to some cynicism too,

But when optimism overwhelms reality,

Disappointment is just out of view.


I’m scared of new relationships,

Though I yearn for a hot romance,

I’ll even scrub up quite presentably,

If given half a chance.

Whatever you think are my preferences,

That is your opinion … not necessarily mine,

Just try not to be too judgmental,

And I’m sure that we’ll get along fine.

I don’t pay your bills and you don’t pay mine,

What goes around … comes around,

Look for similarities … not differences,

And many good times may be found.

I don’t want adulation,

Or worshippers at my feet,

Just a polite “Hello” … a nod or a wave,

If we’re passing in the street.

Respect is not too much to ask for,

Even if you think that I’m no good,

Remember … I have no expectations,



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