POETRY – Take the P Out of Pool


There is already one “P” in POOL,

So there’s no need to add any more,

Because when the water becomes quite cloudy,

It’s a reaction between Chlorine and Ammonia for sure,

Urine has high levels of Ammonia,

Which gives the swimmers away,

Because in the morning the chlorinated water is clear as crystal,

But it’s extremely dodgy by the end of the day.

Overwhelmed by a need to relieve themselves,

The toilet seems so.o.o distant,

Eyes glazed … Unfocused … Yellow stream appears …

… at their crotch for a brief instant,

Embraced by a warm liquid feeling,

Guilty look upon their face,

Abruptly swim off … legs kicking rapidly,

To a less polluted place. (They think!!)

So would you swim at the Sewerage Works?

Or frolic in a Septic Tank?

Then don’t pee in the Pool … Use the toilet!

And thus be assured of my heartfelt thanks.


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