POETRY – Sweet Success


I’m in the market for a Sugar Daddy,

A geriatric with silver grey hair,

A prosperous respectable senior citizen,

A charming sweet man … to escort me everywhere,

I’ve given the overall requirements much consideration,

Many potential candidates are already dead,

And I’ve never been into Necrophilia,

So I’d accept a facsimile with their qualities instead,

I have always been rather partial to John Wayne,

Swaggering walk and blokey points of view,

The Duke was portrayed as a gentleman with the ladies,

Claiming; “A mans got to do, what a mans got to do!”

Hanky panky with the elderly can be life threatening,

Although I’d do it any which way with Clint Eastwood,

He could paint my wagon … then make my day,

My conduct would be anything but good.

Sean Connery could steal my secrets,

Inspired by the promise of what’s under his kilt,

The lilting tones of his voice make me tingle all over,

And for an old guy … he’s really well built!!

I have fantasized about Rudolf Valentino,

Strong silent types can be so impolite,

Dressed in Arab robes and riding a white stallion,

Abducting me … then vanishing into the night.

I’d truly appreciate a clever old gentleman,

A Wordsmith … to inspire me now and then,

Oscar Wilde certainly springs to mind as suitable,

I even share his enthusiasm for nice young men.

I reckon that I’m not asking for much,

After all …I wrote this on Fathers’ Day,

I just want a Sugar Daddy to facilitate and indulge me,

So that I can give the bloody Council job away!!!!


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