POEMS – Stimulated by THC | NIMBIN



I was down to my last tin of homemade Hash,

When I stumbled across a forgotten stash,

All day I’d thought about wearing that jacket,

And in the pocket … I found a packet,

Whatever the quality … it was really a score,

Weighing maybe twenty grams or more,

At worst it was leaf that I was going to find,

But instead Top Shelf Heads … to blow my mind.

I still can’t remember putting it there,

Although I always appreciate something to share,

So I thanked the Gods for the gift they had sent,

Hopped in my car … and away I went,

To a Preview at the Theatre with friends that night,

To drink Champagne and smoke Northern Lights.

                            NIMBIN MARDI GRASS


(To the tune: “Any Old Time”)

Welcome back here to Nimbin,

For this year’s Mardi Grass,

We hope to point out to you how,

The current Drug Laws are a farce,

This “Zero Tolerance” bullshit,

Just shows how much they know,

So we intend to convince them,

That they should “Let It Grow!”


Up in the hills,

The choppers buzz M.O.’s,

D.E.A. rednecks,

Harassing anyone who grows,


In Nimbin village,

A Drug Culture has evolved,

But without Drug Law Reform,

Our social problems won’t be resolved.


Make your vote count,

Don’t just sit ‘round smoking dope,

Unless we can change the Drug Laws,

We haven’t got a hope,

We’ll live in fear of a Criminal Conviction,

Just because we,

Choose to grow our own.


        Marijuanna is a Girl’s Best Friend

A kiss on the hand may be quite Continental,

But marijuana is a girl’s best friend,

A kiss may be grand but it wont pat your rental,

Or provide some cash when you’ve done your dash,

Or smoked your stash,

If you lose weight, pot’s really great,

To get your appetite back again,

Just roll up some Ganja, rediscover hunger,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend.

If you suffer from PMT, or get depressed,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend,

When you’re feeling angry, don’t get distressed,

Keep your cool, don’t lose the plot,

Just smoke some pot,

Roll a spliff, or cook the kiff,

We all enjoy Mary Jane,

Smoke it or pass it, don’t hog all the good shit,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend.

When folk come to Nimbin and want to get high,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend,

Don’t take the first offer, there’s plenty to try,

If you want pounds, shop around,

They can be found,

Don’t lose hope, you’ll score some dope,

And probably wind up really bent,

Pot might make you cough, but you’ll really get off,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend.

We all know drugs are illegal, but that won’t stop us,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend,

The Big Joint visits jails on the top of the Peace Bus,

Attracting Press, voicing protest,

Travelling circus,

We’ll all march passed at Mardi Grass,

Maybe the Law will be changed in the end,

But I still get disgusted by the risk of getting busted,

Marijuana, Marijuana,

Marijuana is a girl’s best friend.


               I’M A DOPE FOR YOUR LOVE

You know that I feel like sticking my fingers down my throat,

At the thought of speaking words of Love,

But it’s Valentine’s Day … My Darling,

So just for today … I’ll give it a shove !

Your presence intoxicates me like ajoint,

Of superior organically grown Pot,

And you know how I like good head … Dear Heart,

Oh yes! … I really do like you a lot !!

Your breasts are like the juiciest buds,

That I wouldn’t even share with special friends,

Your kisses are like expensive imported seeds,

For growing legendary blends.

Your stretchmarks are like the veins on a leaf,

From a Medicinal Cannabis plant,

You are the Dynamic Lifter for my personal crop,

You are the harmonics in my chant.

I’d like to take you on a holiday with me,

To the farm where the Mary Jane is grown,

I’d have my two favourite passions all to myself,

Me and You … and Marijuanna … All alone !!!



I was given twelve inches of pleasure,

Which gave me good cause to smile,

It was thick … and it was juicy,

Plus … it lasted quite a while,

I remember when I first saw it … I thought;

“Mmm … I wouldn’t mind some of that for myself!”

Once I had the whole damn thing to do with as I wished,

I was aware of its potential effects on my health.

I couldn’t decide from which end to start,

As I planned to engorge my desire,

I eventually launched my assault at the base of the shaft,

Then gradually worked my way up higher,

It certainly took my breathe away,

When I held it in my mouth … lips on the end,

Inhaled deeply … nearly gagged,

Tears welling … eyes wide open.

I coughed … choked … then took another toke,

On the joint rolled from that excellent Head,

Praised the Goddess for her gifts from Nature,

Then curled up … to sleep on my bed.


      Amid Sniffer-Dog Dreams

I’m starting to have nightmares about visiting Byron Bay,

Because of a front page article in ‘The Echo’ the other day,

Concerning Police and sniffer-dogs patrolling the streets,

Detecting drug users who are otherwise discreet.

A three day operation … Eighteen officers used.

Scouring North Coast towns … Civil Rights abused.

Triumphantly announcing twenty one arrests overall,

Small amounts of ‘Go’ and ‘E’ and a massive 70 gram cannabis haul!

Not a sufferer of paranoia … I adopted realistic apprehension,

As now a routine trip to Byron Bay might result in my detention.

None the less … with things to do and commitments to keep,

A recurrent disturbing dream persists and gnaws at me in my sleep.

Coming from Nimbin I am regularly exposed to passive inhalation,

Which in turn stimulates my hyperactive imagination,

Conjuring up images … some quite bizarre,

Of potential scenario at the Bay as I alight from my car:

I’m always dressed in hemp fabric with, of course, my usual flair,

However in the dream I’ve got dreadlocks instead of short-cropped or no hair.

In each dread is woven a golden Buddha stick,

Crystalline … aromatic and about two fingers thick,

Wearing gloves of tacky hashish resin from my wrists down,

Toking on a twelve inch skunk-filled reefer as I mosey around town,

My personal fragrance … Au de Bong Water, clothing stained by a clumsy mishap.

Nonchalantly minding my own business my presence triggers a dastardly trap.

Now … I’ve always been a dog lover. Why, I’ve got two Staffies whom I adore,

So of course I don’t hesitate to acknowledge the approaching black Labrador,

He’s a lovely, well-groomed animal who gives me a crotch-sniffing reception,

But he’s tailed by twoundercover cops.Too late … I realise their deception;

Trendy gear and expensive runners, they launch their TAG Team attack,

I blow a cloud of smoke into their faces and manage to step back,

Then I transform into ‘Super Skunk’ right before their eyes,

The Labrador barks happily. He really loves my new disguise!

A virtual Super-Hero. A true H.E.M.P. activist!

Who would rather smoke organic pot than use other drugs or get pissed.

Dressed in leather armour. Silver sword, breast-plate and shield shine,

Cosmic cape … adorned with Sativa leaves billowing behind,

I sprint along the pavement, up Jonson Street towards the beach,

Hotly pursued through the roundabout. Barely out of their reach.

The black Lab lopes along beside me. He’s really having fun.

Just a big friendly dog who obviously enjoys a run.

The Lab’s Handler somehow manages to keep up the pace,

But he’s pissed off with the dog. That’s clearly written on his face,

He’s pursued by several colleagues with the stamina of their youth,

And a deep-voiced poet with a drum rapping out righteous truths.

Paparazzi and News cameramen track the scent of a headline,

Trying desperately to comply with an invisible deadline,

A Christ-like figure dragging a Crucifix attaches himself to the hunt,

Proclaiming similar persecution from the sniffer-dog up front.

Ganja Faeries, stilt walkers, hippies, ferals and colourful clowns,

Form this wacky Conga Line meandering through the town,

The Peace Bus suddenly appears at the back of the crowd,

“Who Let the Dogs Out?” blaring through large roof-top speakers too loud!

As curious onlookers begin to join in believing that its an organised parade,

The Chamber of Commerce worry about the potential effects on local trade.

But then … back at the head of the pursuit I’ve finally hit the sand

and decided to swim for it rather than stop and make a stand.

We were off into the water from main Beach towards the Cape,

My Lab assistant and I defiantly make good our escape,

The pursuant masses follow us, closely on our tails,

A kind of perverse reverse play of Byron’s Winter Whales.

Then a shadow looms before us … Threatening and dark.

Oh Christ! They’ve sent out the ‘Water Rats’.

Oh no! It’s a bloody White Pointer Shark!

With massive JAWS about to close. That’s when I awaken,

Wet with perspiration and severely shaken.

I reassure myself that the nightmare is over,

Regardless of how realistic it may have seemed,

Then I smoke a joint … curl up in bed,

and search for better dreams.

But it truly would be a nightmare!

I honestly don’t know what I’d do,

If one day I visited Byron Bay

and my dream came true!

Sixteen Pounds

Up in those hills … I trudged through the mud,

Trying to grow some decent buds,

Ah …but there was just one catch,

Some arsehole came and ripped my patch.

I grew sixteen pounds and what did I get?

Don’t even have the money for a cigarette,

Leeches in my eyes … and ticks on my balls,

Don’t grow your dope … near Tuntable Falls.

Near Tuntable Falls.

Got up one morning when the sun didn’t shine,

Found some plants and thought they were mine,

I picked them and dried them …and took them to town,

And that’s when all the shit came down.

I picked sixteen pounds and what did I get?

A hassle with my neighbour that I’ll never forget,

He took it away … gave me a hard time,

So where are my plants … if those weren’t mine?

Am I losing my mind?

I picked sixteen pounds and what did I get?

Don’t even have the money for a cigarette,

Leeches in my eyes … and ticks on my balls,

Don’t grow your dope … near Tuntable Falls.

Near Tuntable Falls.


The choppers came … but I didn’t mind,

I smiled and waved … there was nothing to find,

My neighbour had grown another crop on my land,

But the DEA didn’t understand.

He grew sixteen pounds and what did I get?

Three to five … and I ain’t finished yet,

A cell mate named “Bubba” … with a toothless smile,

I ain’t seen sleep … for quite a while.

Thinking of that smile.

You grow sixteen pounds and what do you get?

Don’t even have the money for a cigarette,

Leeches in your eyes … and ticks on your balls,

Don’t grow your dope … near Tuntable Falls.

Near Tuntable Falls.



I’m on “E”!

Look at me!

I am free!

I’m as happy as can be!


Look at me!

I’m on “E”!




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