POETRY – Slam the Slam


To contest a Poetry Slam with an intention to win it,

A poem must be relevant, entertaining and under two minutes,

I’d like to respond to vocalisations of mounting frustration,

At adequately addressing themes through verse of a two minute duration,

Excuses of insufficient time are merely a sham,

Because there is much more involved in a Poetry Slam,

Merit awarded for the quality of the poem … its presentation,

and the audience response to the recitation,

Complaints of “unfairness” when disqualified, are also a crock,

For prolonged introductions and ignoring the clock,

Wild rantings and ravings about the inability to comply,

With rules and criteria which uniformly apply,

When it’s obvious that some folk openly rejoice,

The opportunity to perform … and of course … hear their own voice,

Displaying impressive vocabularies to make inane points,

Or waffling on as if they’ve just smoked a filthy great joint,

Using florid descriptions and alliteration,

In attempts to communicate petty proclamations,

Verbose roller coaster rides of diverse emotions,

Undoubtedly satisfy some need for self-promotion,


Alas … I stress … it is possible to express what one thinks,

And still be able to remain succinct,

To exercise opinions and optimise brevity,

While managing to maintain a degree of levity,

Cover any given topic within a pre-ordained time,

Without sacrifice of meter, syntax or rhyme,

Hitherto … some poetry is self-indulgent and far too long,

Circuitously avoiding conclusion … just going on and on and on.


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