POETRY – Shoot The Messenger


Go ahead … Blame me!

Then maybe the buck will stop right here!

So you’re offended … or disappointed,

Because I’ve said things that you don’t want to hear.

It’s alright … I’ve got big shoulders,

I can support your burden of blame,

If it really makes you feel better,

But … are you sure that you’d feel the same?

If it were I who claimed to have a grievance with you,

Because I couldn’t identify or agree,

With what you said … about how you feel …

Would you like me to treat you …

the way that you’ve treated me?


Proceed with caution … make every shot count,

I’m always looking for more material to use,

If I’ve provoked you into some reaction,

And made you reappraise your personal views,

I’m proud to be a target!

If it’s as a result of things that I’ve said,

It won’t drastically change my perspectives,

They are deeply ingrained in my head,

You can tear out my tongue … burn out my eyes,

Or try to intimidate me into submission.

Go on … behave like a tyrannical bully,

But that certainly won’t cure your tunnel vision!


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