POETRY – Second Rate Excuses


Many people vie to be number one,

In the event called the Human Race,

They would never be content to be other than First,

For them it would be a disgrace,

High Achievers are tortured people,

Victims of their own need to win,

They compete with goals that they’ve set for themselves,

Whereby anything but a Victory is a sin.

Participation is the key to Life,

Which has Rewards of it’s own,

And just because I am rarely a winner,

There’s still no good reason to bitch and moan,

With natural aptitude and talent,

While so many people claim to be Best,

I’ll be eternally content to come Second,

If I can avoid being over-worked or stressed.

When one is continually Runner Up,

In everything that they do,

It is simply a natural assumption,

That there are only a few people better than you,

With so many one-off winners,

The overall Best can be in doubt,

But I’ll be happy with a pile of Red Ribbons,

And to let the  “Try Hards”  work that one out!

Always the Bride’s maid and never the Bride,

Still about that I won’t complain,

The Carrots have at least got to be worth the Pursuit,

Otherwise why put yourself through all of that strain?

Incentives are individually exclusive,

And not necessarily the Prizes to be won,

I often feel that I have been Successful,

If I’ve ‘had a go’ …. Or merely done it for Fun.

I’ve always been fond of Silver,

Never truly appreciated Gold,

If I had a Royal Flush at poker,

I would probably be forced to fold,

There are definitely some advantages,

When being considered Second Rate,

Like if First Prize is a ‘Dinner for Two’,

Then I won’t have to find a date!!

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