POETRY – Perspectives


For some years I worked as a Psyche Nurse,

Not something that I really enjoyed,

But it broadened my perspectives,

And I was also gainfully employed,

While there I encountered people,

Who really blew my mind,

Offering me an outlook on Reality,

That most people will never find.


There were the Wingers, the Wankers, the Workers,

The Wicked, the Wise and the Witless,

The Wanderers, the Withdrawn, the Weak,

The Weary and those Who are ..

.. Willing to bear false Witness,

The Grandiose, the Gorgeous, the Gracious,

The Grumpy, the Grateful and the Gay,

The Gullible, the Gossips, the Glamorous,

The Guardians, the Golden and the Grey.


The Mystics, the Manic, the Malcontent,

The Miserable and some the Most fun you’ll ever have,

The Miserly, the Malignant, the Moronic,

The Majestic and the certifiably Mad,

The Dopey, the Dippy, the Dependent,

The Destitute, the Despicable and the Disgraced,

The Demoralised, the Defeated, the Discarded,

The Desperate, the Delinquent and the Displaced.


The Humble, the Hopeful, the Happy,

The Horrible, the Horny and the Hurried,

The Hopeless, the Hungry, the Hounded,

The Haunted and those Harassed and always worried,

The Perfect, the Productive, the Pleasant,

The Pedantic, the Pretty and the Plain,

The Principled, the Privileged, the Prissy,

The Polite the Punctual and some who

get Pleasure from Pain.


Now, I know that I fit in there somewhere,

Maybe a couple of times … maybe more,

But I escaped from that Reality well prepared,

To live in Nimbin … and know which symptoms ..

.. can be ignored.



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