POETRY – Over The Rainbow


We were sitting on the verandah,

Having a coffee and chin wag,

When my gentle male companions asked,

“What do you think of our new flag?”

I’d seen the rainbow pennant,

By the road amongst the trees,

With its Rainbow Trout wind sock,

Lifting gently on the breeze,

I said “You bloody Hippies,

You’re all the bloody same,

Displaying pretty bits of coloured cloth,

You really have no shame!”

It was then the guys informed me,

Just how wrong that I had been,

And the significance of the Rainbow Flag,

In the Gay and Lesbian scene,

It notifies those who pass by,

That there’s a haven within those walls,

Where your preferences are your own business,

Without insults or catcalls.

I said “Oh Shit! Poor Hippies,

I wonder what they’d say,

If they knew their rainbow fabric,

Declared them Lesbian or Gay?”

Well it’s really not my problem,

While I sit here on the fence,

I like people for what’s in their heart,

Not their sexual preference,

But now I’m faced with a dilemma,

With each Rainbow Flag I see;

Is it a Gay Pride declaration,

Or just some straight spirit running free?


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