POETRY – Mr. Perfect | Mister Perfect


What’s so great about you?

That you can look down your nose at me.

Your good qualities must be well hidden,

There’s nothing obvious for me to see.

It’s no shame that you find me so grotesque,

Because I’d never be attracted to you,

While your comments are offensive and insulting,

But you’re entitled to your point of view.


No wonder your wife doesn’t like sex,

Even though you think you’re quite COOL,

You’ve probably shattered her Self Esteem,

With remarks both insensitive and cruel.

Your voyeuristic tendencies are … immature,

Ogling at titties belonging to young tarts,

Who dream of young men they deem handsome,

And think that you’re a silly old fart.


They laugh at your jokes when they’re not funny,

But to me that is no surprise,

They were probably too dumb to understand them,

And would have a job wearing clothes otherwise.

So wake up to yourself Dick Head,

And get a grip on Reality for a while,

Your standards of perfection are quite flawed,

And your treatment of women is vile!


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