POETRY – Mortality


Life is a sexually transmitted,

Terminal disease,

As vulnerable as a candle,

Flickering in a breeze,

Some folk dearly cling to Life,

And will fight for their last breath,

While others are fed up with Life,

And embrace an early Death.

There are some who hold vast treasures,

And have so much to share,

But the realities of Life are too harsh,

For them to want to care,


Amongst the ones our lives have touched,

Although some we’ve never met,

Are things always meant to be said or done,

That can give rise to regret.

Death itself is not so horrible,

It’s the manner of Death that I fear,

And I’ll probably dread Death’s arrival,

Until it finally is near.

So … live your Life to suit yourself,

Despite the many pains,

Because the Truth is once you’re gone …

You’re gone … and only dust remains.


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