POETRY – More than A Shit Shoveller


I’m much more than a shit shoveller,

Regardless of what some people might say

Hell … Council sends out at least 3 men

to do my work when I’m on holiday.

Please don’t pass judgement on my job

If you haven’t got a clue what I do

Most people lack the necessary qualifications

Not to mention my above average IQ


If I really were just a shit shoveller

Some folk might lose their height advantage while I am around

I could shovel for weeks at their self-made pedestals

Before their feet would eventually touch the ground

They climb atop piles of personal excrement

Believing that it’s necessary for them to feel tall

Self-importantly losing touch with reality

Forgetting that pride cometh before a fall


And although I may not be a shit shoveller

I may come in handy when it hits the fan

Because I’m not frightened to stand up to trouble

Or to accept that I am what I am

I don’t need to make up grandiose titles

Water & Sewerage operator will do

After all if I was on unemployment

I’d happily adopt the title Dole Bludger too.


But I’m much more than a shit shoveller

Only fools underestimate my worth

It’s like saying that a mother is male

Because a man was present when she gave birth

One swallow does not make a summer

And yes … I will freely admit

That sometimes work involves shovels

And at times I’ve used one to move shit


Alas I’d rather be a shit shoveller

Than one of those miserable folk

Who get their jollies from condescension

I’d prefer to make people laugh or share a joke

I guess nobody is perfect

And we’re all entitled to our points of view

But let’s hope that I’d be less demeaning

If I make reference to what it is that you do


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