POETRY – Madame S


She’s a single predatory female,

Hunting down her prey,

Her sleek muscular body,

Becomes more magnificent each day,

With the sinuous hypnotic movements,

Of an exotic dance,

Her mesmeric gaze captivates,

And keeps her prey entranced,

Until with whip like precision,

She strikes her victims as they cower,

Then in the grasp of Madame ‘S’,

They’re overwhelmed by her power.


I have four skins hanging on my wall,

They belong to Madame ‘S’,

I leave them as a reminder for the vermin,

With which my shed has been blessed,

Madame ‘S’ is a three metre python,

Who lives with me in my shed,

She has a relatively large body,

For her comparatively small head.

The beautiful multi-coloured patterns,

Of Madame ‘S’s silken skin,

Belies the murderous intent,

Of the predator within.


I hear banging and crashing,

As Madame ‘S’ wrestles with her food,

Then see her lumpy body on a rafter,

Suspended peacefully in a digestive mood.

Madame ‘S’ oversees the goings on,

In her domain below,

Controlling population growth,

Amongst intruders who are slow,

We have a comfortable relationship,

Which helps me to appreciate,

I’ve had worse co-tenants in the past,

Than Madame ‘S’ … the Carpet Snake.


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