Love is a psychosis,

A reaction to another,

A psychological enchantment,

From which some don’t recover,

This Love thing seems to interfere,

With decisions that we make,

Yet everybody wants a slice,

Of Love’s delicious cake,

There is no medication,

To protect us from emotion,

Nor antidote or immunity,

From an unwanted devotion.


When Love dissolves before us,

Like an ice cube in a drink,

Emotions are in turmoil,

And our hearts begin to sink,

If hurtful words are spoken,

Around the time you parted,

Odds are … at least one person,

Will be broken hearted,

As time goes by it hurts less,

And we soon discover,

The only way to erase the pain,

Is to find another lover.


The cycle then begins again,

With sustenance and vigor,

Swept up in a new romance,

Brand new clothes and trimmer figure,

We always hope that this one is,

The one that we were after,

A mutually exclusive relationship,

Of loving, sex and laughter,

As the Wheel of Life rotates,

And relationships end in tears,

Our need for companionship and Love,

Obviously over-rule our fears.


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