POETRY – It Happens!


You’ll probably laugh when I tell you,

But it truly isn’t a joke,

I’m a Hippy from the hills around Nimbin,

Who looks after a Plant no-one smokes.

I’m a Water and Sewerage Operator,

In which for me there is no disgrace,

The first blossom of an Oestrogen weed infestation,

In a Testosterone mono-crop workplace.

Treatment Plant Operators call sewage “effluent”,

But most people just call it “shit”,

So for the sake of those easily offended,

From now on “shit” will be referred to as “IT”.


“IT” happens! … In all shapes and sizes,

“ITs” amazing … the things that I find,

Flushed and forgotten, deemed lost or stolen,

Wallets, Credit Cards and toys of all kinds,

Cigarette lighters, hair clips, false teeth,

All manner of baubles and beads,

Corn, beans, pasta,

Tomato, melon and marijuana seeds,

Pet mice, Gold Fish, golf balls,

Tampons, needles, and of course “Number Two’s”,

Paper, rags, plastic wrappers,

Used condoms and sometimes money too.


But mostly “IT” comprises of liquids,

Like grey water from the sink,

Washing machines, bath tubs and showers,

Added to “Number One’s” from plenty to drink.

“IT” generally contains heaps of nutrients,

Therefore “IT” should be considered a resource,

At every opportunity “IT” should be re-used,

Rather than discharged into a water course,

“IT” helps keep the pastures green around the Plant,

Combined with the sweat of my labours,

While the quality of the sludge used to top dress the Plant,

Has no smell to offend the Plant’s neighbours.


So if you’re ever passing through Nimbin,

And stop to have something to drink or eat,

When you go to the loo … just remember,

Whatever you flush … I will treat.









Flushed and forgotten,

Treated sewage is useful,

The pastures are green.




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