POETRY – Inside Me


INSIDE ME … There dwells a Playboy Bunny,

Despite occasional hairy legs and under arms,

A “Sex Kitten” incognito,

Complete with feminine charms.


It’s obvious that I’m far from superficial,

But that’s the beauty of my situation,

Because the Playboy Bunny inside me,

Is generally somewhere else relaxing on vacation.


When I’m hard at work earning a living,

The Playboy Bunny inside me is never there,

Far removed from the demands of my lifestyle,

An off-duty plaything without a care.


Although on nights when I’m not too tired,

After a hot shower, clean clothes and some food,

With, or even sometimes without, company,

The Playboy Bunny returns inside me in the mood.


A bunker buster of sexual energy,

Playfully promising satisfaction,

Lithe, willing and eager to please,

Looking for some action … INSIDE ME


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