POETRY – Immortality


I am Woman … hear me roar in rhyming verse or metaphor,

Performance Poetry is an outlet that suits me,

If you ever get the chance … you ought to see me Belly Dance,

Then you’d understand the move to Poetry.


I’ve decided that I want to be Immortal,

Not with this body … But by leaving my thoughts behind,

Recorded in print and on audio,

Just more evidence that I’m out of my mind.


I have Redbacks tattooed all over my body,

One for each year I’ve been alive,

Not one person has ever found them all,

There’s one bloke who’s convinced I’m twenty five.


I consider my ears my best feature,

Each has had five rings … for more than twenty years,

Nowadays multiple piercings are considered Feral,

Not me … I was a Punk Rock pioneer.


I got short-changed in the Leg Department,

My bum nearly touches the ground,

When I step off the pavement … My bum hits the gutter,

So I’m flat on the bottom … not round.


My mum called my hair .. my “crowning glory”,

It never meant that much to me,

So I plaited my hair … before shaving it off,

Now it’s at home on the mantle … hanging free.


I’m a cynic in a harsh real world,

I don’t have spectacles with rose-coloured glass,

If you’re a critic … I don’t care if you don’t like me,

Just don’t expect me to kiss your arse.


I’m constantly in need of admirers,

To help validate my grievances with Fate,

And I could always do with … some male companionship,

My number is listed … if you’d like a date.


I’m a Bitch and I’m proud of it,

Fuck diplomacy and tact,

If you don’t like the truth … don’t ask my opinion,

I only deal in cold, hard facts.


I feel that by standing up performing,

I’m on the path to Immortality,

If I have a book and/or CD published … would you buy one?




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