POETRY – Fornication


SEX is a TRANSACTION … With emotional currency,

You’re either lucky or an arsehole … If you’re getting it for free,

Some are prepared to barter flesh … For company or affection,

A house, a car, a family, money or protection,

When morality is attached to SEX … Guilt can reduce the pleasure,

Whereby with uninhibited SEX … Comes ecstasy without measure.


There are those whom believe that … SEX is just for procreation,

While there are others for whom it is … Their favourite recreation,

There are people who only have … SEX over the phone,

And others who are happy … To do it on their own,

There are some who really get off … On lingerie and leather,

And those who simply prefer … To masturbate together.


SAFE SEX is when you keep … Your fluids to yourself,

No matter how inconvenient … We must protect our health.

STRAIGHT SEX is when you only … Fuck the one you’ve wed,

In limited positions … with lights off … And in a bed.

BISEXUALS are more versatile … Than Straight, Lesbian or Gay,

Or maybe they just can’t decide … For which team they want to play.


SEX without foreplay … Is simply COPULATION,

But foreplay without SEX … Can be an aggravation.

The price we pay is our choice, We have no-one else to blame,

While our hormones add more fuel, To our raging sexual flame,

We flirt … we tease … we fantasize, While we NEGOTIATE,

The TERMS and the CONDITIONS … Under which we will FORNICATE.


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