POETRY – Fire Flies | fireflies


Dark nights … Blinking lights,

Rain is in the air,

Warm breeze … Vibrating leaves,

Phantoms flickering everywhere,

Dew dampened grass glistens,

Spider webs criss-cross open spaces,

Clouds move … Uncover the moon,

Light and shadow interlaces,

Flashing neons in the blackness,

Phosphorescent signals … Twinkling semaphore,

Mark their luminous passage,

Hovering above the forest floor,

Night birds’ calls penetrate,

Crickets’ choral symphonies,

Frogs chime in percussive rhythms,

Wings beat a retreat into the trees,

Down Gullies … Around ponds,

Like a miniature lantern parade,

Weaving through the undergrowth,

Over rocks … Where water cascades,

Now you see them … Now you don’t,

This intricate magical display,

An unforgettable spectacle,

When Fireflies are at play.



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