POETRY – Famous Last Words


We’ve been to more farewells than Dame Nelly Melba,

Where a good time was had by all,

Others pulling the pin because they want to be,

More than just another brick in the wall,

We’ve heard what the Bean Counters are saying,

And there’s going to be a bun fight on,

Even Blind Freddie can see that,

Wheels are in motion … it’s time to move on.

They went and moved the goal posts,

Which went down like a lead balloon,

Rather than abide by the Umpire’s decision,

Things are rolling … Captain Panic will be gone soon,

Instead of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic,

Chris has other fish to fry,

He has another iron in the fire,

So sure as eggs … he’ll give it a try!

A rolling stone gathers no moss,

And you only reap what you sow,

There is method in his madness,

As he adds another string to his bow,

He’s striking while the iron is hot,

And won’t wait till the shit hits the fan,

There is light at the end of the tunnel,

So now someone else will have to carry the can.

Too many hoops to jump through,

He’s been in the game long enough,

Now he’s on his way to the showers,

Party’s over … he’s packing his stuff,

Off to a Win/Win situation,

With bigger and better things,

Where he will hold a Magical Wand,

And won’t have to pull tight on the purse strings,

No doubt he has a Rolls Royce job now,

Far removed from the Coal Face,

Where he’ll try not to burst his phoo-phoo valve,

And then it will all fall into place,

He can come up with half-baked proposals,

And won’t have to put his balls on the line,

Maybe even score some Brownie points,

Where a stitch in time saves nine.

Farewells can be far too emotional,

A touchy .. touchy ..  feely thing,

So please answer one final question;

How long is a piece of string?

This Poem was written for the farewell drinks of the best boss I ever had –

Chris Hennessy, an Engineer & a gentleman, although rather fond of colloquialisms.

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