I accept that I’m abnormal,

That is … different from the rest,

Unlike most other robots,

I put normality to the test,

Being born a female,

Was definitely not my choice,

My gender has always been a hurdle,

But I like my singing voice.


With tattoos on my shaven head,

Of my Staffies … left and right,

There is no doubt when threatened,

Which bitch will actually bite.

I know I’m not a Lesbian,

Although I’ve known a few,

And I’ve slept with enough women,

To negate that point of view.


But you’d have to cut off more than my hair,

For me to lose my interest in men,

Who generally don’t look my way,

But I have sex now and then.

It’s sometimes lonely when you’re different,

But I’m prepared to pay the price,

Because to lose my individuality,

Would be far too great a sacrifice.


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