Of course this poem is about you,

To acknowledge how Special you are;

You are precious and wonderful and worthy,

And the best person that I know by far,

Everyone else is only jealous,

Because you are the lucky one,

Their criticisms are meant to distract you,

Away from your well deserved fun.

If you think that they’re talking about you,

Once again … you are probably right,

When you ensured that they had the correct details,

they accused you of being a skite.

Your confidence is mistaken for arrogance,

Your poise is labeled conceit,

Your independence is seen as rebellious,

Yet you have the world at your feet.

They need you to illuminate their dull lives,

But won’t admit it to your face,

Even without your charm and charisma,

They’re only too willing to take your place,

It’s a shame though that you are so sensitive,

Given how talented you are,

Although that in itself is special,

Just one more reason that you’re a Star.

So shine on bright star and be happy,

And know that you’ll never be alone,

As long as you have a mirror,

And can access a telephone.


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