What is so wrong with the TRUTH,

That people constantly avoid it?

That their lives are filled with deceit,

And other paranoid shit?

“Truth is Beauty” or so I’m told,

Or is that just another lie?

Please don’t expose me to harsh realities,

Or I might break down and cry!!


When a fragment of the Truth,

Undergoes distortion,

And events or words are exaggerated,

Beyond realistic proportions,

Where embellishments are added,

To make situations more exciting,

The stage is being set for,

Some pretty fierce shit fighting.


When you find out someone you’ve trusted,

Has been dishonest with you,

Then review past interactions,

Wondering how much of them were true,

It’s an insult to be lied to,

In that there truly is no doubt,

It’s like saying that I’m gullible,

Or just too stupid to work it out.


If fictitious fabrications,

Or coloured versions are your style,

And when confronted with the Truth,

You withdraw into Denial,

If attempts to validate suspicions,

Continually get you into strife,

Please stay right out of my way,

And don’t involve me in your life!!


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