We here at Budget Escorts of Nimbin

Really knead to please,

The golden hands of our enthusiastic staff,

Rub and massage … tickle and tease,

We specialise in advanced techniques,

Personal preferences individually catered,

Charming companions aim to satisfy,

Op Shop fashions … to be congratulated.

The high profile Real Estate Agent landlord,

Keeps the staff here at Budget on our toes,

Popping in for snap inspections  (yes I said snap!),

But mostly he just comes … and then he goes.

At Budget Escorts you can feel secure,

Local Law Enforcement lend their support,

But that bloody German Shepherd attack dog,

Is one day going to get his balls caught,

In the glass sliding doors of our shop front,

As we kick his arse out into the night,

Although by comparison to his Master,

He’s awefully cute … but not very bright.

At Budget Escorts we provide services such as Tantric Sex,

Which is certainly one way to blow your mind,

However at Budget this only involves having delicious thoughts,

Or not having them … which ever way that you’re inclined.

We also make available Oral Sex,

Whereby fornication is a safe topic of discussion,

B & D are the roller doors out the back,

Slap and tickle … utilises basic percussion.

At Budget Escorts we offer a friendly ear,

And will certainly acknowledge your frustration,

We facilitate our clients to handle their own problems,

By encouraging masturbation.

Budget Escorts is a BYO establishment,

That is actually what keeps our prices down,

While the practice of “NO BODILY CONTACT”,

Is the safest sex that can be found.

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