I don’t need you …

And doubt that I ever will,

Although I really enjoy your companionship,

And your presence gives me quite a thrill,

I’m overwhelmed by how talented you are,

And flattered that you even noticed me,

Somehow I suspect that you were attracted by,

The potential corruption of my celibacy.


I won’t miss you …

Though I’ll long for the sensations that you arouse,

For the warmth of your touch, your smiling face,

The allure of your seductive powers.

It’s not like you would get Star billing,

After one guest performance between the sheets,

I won’t miss you … but inexplicably,

I look forward to the next time we meet.


I can’t love you …

Was that part of the original deal?

I have no grand expectations,

Although I like the way that you make me feel.

I confess that I am drawn to you,

Because of how beautifully you sing,

But after all is said and done,

I can’t promise you anything!


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