POETRY – Get Over It


I definitely prefer relationships,

Where people facilitate each other,

Mutually exclusive honesty and good times,

With respect for one another,

I’d begun to consider some folk as friends,

But was obviously mistaken,

So once again my reclusive tendencies,

Had been abruptly reawakened.


Falsely accused of indiscretions,

And denied a word in my own defense,

Tried and convicted in my absence,

Advised by telephone of the sentence,

To be later told that a reprieve had been granted,

That I’d been given the benefit of doubt,

Then offered a chance to grovel and explain.

There’s one opportunity that I can do without!


If amplifications of petty Bullshit,

Justify personal insults and abuse,

And are sufficient to jeopardize friendships,

Admissions of “over-reaction” are no excuse,

For some time I’ve been noticing,

That most relationships are lop-sided,

So I’m disappointed … not surprised,

When negative outcomes are decided.


Events like this are definite reminders,

Of the advantages of pet ownership,

And the value of an animal’s company,

Compared to human friendship,

I have never enjoyed being embroiled,

In other people’s crazy shit,

Quite mistaken in their judgments,

It’s about time they “Get Over It”.


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