Thank you.

December 2011.


I’m quite surprised by the amount of attention my site has received during the first month, and grateful to everyone for their support, and/or advice.

I’m not really doing this for fame or fortune – the thought of the responsibility that goes with either actually frightens me.

In 1999 I published my first book, “It’s Just A Matter Of Perspective”, and I enjoyed fighting my demons with words or actions while writing, and/or peforming poetry and stand-up comedy; sharing my perspectives helped validate my grievances with Life in general.  I only hope that some-one else may benefit from these insights, and if that doesn’t do it for you, then I suggest playing the Ukulele in communion with others, or meditation through art.

All of the above work for me, and when Life chucks a googlie I may have to find a way to combine them all. But until then, I’ll just have to keep up the practise.

Aloha, peace & happiness,

The Wa-wa-hini of Dingo Ridge


Goddess of the Misunderstood.

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