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happiness, ukulele,  positivity

Hi there,

My name is Robyn ~ the name “gumbootsgirl” originated from my association with my expat NZ husband, Brian: thus, I’m also known as “Wife of Brian” – he was known as Gumboot until he became an Australian citizen, and now my friends call him 50/50, as he has an eachway bet on any international sports between Australia & New Zealand.

In a former life, I was the Lismore City Council Water & Sewerage Operator for the village of Nimbin, Australia, & for some time at the end of last century I wrote & performed poetry & standup comedy under the name Robyn Scott.

I’m not really doing this for fame or fortune – the thought of the responsibility that goes with either actually frightens me.

In 1999 I published my first book, “It’s Just A Matter Of Perspective”, and I enjoyed fighting my demons with words or actions while writing, and/or peforming poetry and stand-up comedy; sharing my perspectives helped validate my grievances with Life in general.  I only hope that some-one else may benefit from these insights, and if that doesn’t do it for you, then I suggest playing the Ukulele in communion with others, or meditation through art.

Despite being a Leo Rooster, I live a quiet lifestyle in the country far removed from the maddening crowd, and I only occasionally write & perform, but I do love to sing up a storm (with or without an audience) to the accompaniment of my ukulele, akulele, mandolele (notice the theme?), and some times without.

All of the above work for me, and when Life chucks a googlie I may have to find a way to combine them all. But until then, I’ll just have to keep up the practise.

I  also enjoy portraiture, sewing, reading fantasy fiction, being a poultry enthusiast, and the devotion of a good dog.

Laughter & singing are my therapies, but peace & quiet are essential to my well being ~ a tad oxymoronic until the ultimate balance is achieved.

If there is a tune that you would like the ukulele chords &/or words for that is not in my menu, then by all means let me know & I’ll do my best to research, format & include it on my website.

If you want to get in touch with me, my email address is at the top right hand corner of the page, & I’ll get back to you at the first opportunity. The feedback/comments on the website has a gliche that often doesn’t allow comments to be recorded, so a personal email is the best way to contact me.

I can’t help but add this picture forwarded to me by a friend (unknown origin), because Gumbootsgirl loves dogs & Gumboots, then the appropriate pet for them would be the Gumbootdog.


A sheepdog would be made from Ugboots

I look forward to any positive input & comments, but if you’re having a bad day, there is probably nothing I can do to help you other than distract you with my happiness.

PS: Happiness spoken with an accent = A Penis; according to a poet friend of mine by the name of Arcadia Flynn on her Ha! Ha! Funny Poems website.


new coop.3

new coop.2

happiness, ukulele,  positivity

9 Responses to HOME – Welcome to my world. | happiness, ukulele, positivity

  1. pincuff says:

    Nice to find your blog through Pinterest ….

  2. BrianG says:

    Greetings from freezing cold Canada. I love your website!! Very creative and inspiring. (We have many old boots that can now be put to an artistic purpose). As a fellow ukulele wannabe, I really appreciate the songs you have shared! Travel well on life’s journey!!!

    • gumbootsgirl says:

      Hello from sunny Australia,
      Thank you Brian for taking the time to leave a comment.
      I have to admit that I have been neglecting my website lately, but I am always encouraged when I get positive feedback. Have a safe & merry Christmas + a prosperous New Year ahead.
      Robyn Jones.

  3. Golfnut5707 says:

    I’ve started learning the ukulele at 67 and progressing albeit slowly. And I mean slowly. I found your site after Googling Mr Bojangles and yours was by far superior to the other sites insomuch (1st time EVER I’ve used that word) you accentuate words that need it. Being new, still don’t quite get what strumming pattern should I use. A strumming pattern would be most useful for complete beginners like me. Thanks

    • gumbootsgirl says:

      Thank you for posting your comment. I am always gratified by positive feedback & especially from learners. Strumming is not my forte unfortunately, as I have never been able to comfortably strum ala Hawaiian style, & usually pick at the notes in a chord similar to a barrel music box or flat pick as with Blue Grass (Christmas Ukulele has the flat picking format for the melodies of some Christmas Carols that you may recognise). There are great “how to” clips on youtube that should help with your strumming, and as with everything practice is the only way to develop your own style with ease.
      I hope that I have been of some help.

  4. Jessie says:

    Hi there!

    I found your site whilst looking for help with the Beatles tune-When I’m 64.
    I really like your site-the pics-poetry and especially the excellent, eclectic collection of ukulele songs! Thank you for sharing these with your visitors. I don’t know how long it takes to figure out ukulele chords for even one song – I suspect it is a significant. So “thank you!” It really means a lot to me as I do not read music and am a beginner ukulele player. I have never seen “Sylvia’s Mother” ukulele tabs before – that caught my eye. (Trooper tunes – sends me :)) Thanks Again!

    • gumbootsgirl says:

      Thank you Jessie for your kind words of support, & you are most welcome.
      Practise is the only way to become accomplished at anything, however if you really enjoy what you are doing, it generally helps.

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